Depression is thought to affect more than 350 million people from all over the world. So its safe to say that its one of the biggest, most common problems in modern life. Depression is an epidemic that leaves sufferers with a persistent “empty” or “hopeless” feeling, this can be cured. Depression is highly treatable, but how should you treat it? Medication or Therapy?

Personally, I would always recommend at least trying Therapy and Counseling before you try medication. But it is understandable that therapy may not work well for some and medication does work well (and vice versa) But why should you try therapy first?

Therapy for depression is favorable (in my opinion) in a few ways.

  • You will be in good hands with a trained professional
  • You wont become addicted or reliant on therapy
  • Depression medication is known to make you gain weight
  • Medication has serious withdrawal effects (such as becoming suicidal)
  • Therapy can cure depression, medication only suppresses it

That being said, im not just going to sit here and bash on medication unfairly, so here are a couple of favorable points to be made for medication.

  • Its usually effective immediately whereas therapy is an ongoing process
  • No interaction involved, if you just don’t want to speak to a therapist

So yes, medication is effective immediately, but it doesn’t help the underlying issue that it covers whereas therapy is the opposite and has no side effects.